c/o Lillian Knutsen Kippernes Vardevegen 9, 6533 AVER?Y, Norge

    DR. LILLIAN KIPPERNES is a business entity registered at Central Coordinating Register for Legal Entities, Br?nn?ysund Register Centre, Norway (Enhetsregisteret, Br?nn?ysundregistrene, Norge), with entity identifier is 824709912. The registration start date is March 5, 2020.

    Business Overview

    Organization Number / Organisasjonsnummer 824709912
    Organization Form / Organisasjonsform ENK - Sole proprietorship (Enkeltpersonforetak)
    Business Address / Forretningsadresse c/o Lillian Knutsen Kippernes Vardevegen 9
    6533 AVER?Y
    Municipality / Kommune AVER?Y - 1554
    Institutional Sector / Institusjonell Sektor 8200 - Unincorporated enterprises within households (Personlig n?ringsdrivende)
    Registration Date / Registreringsdato 2020-03-05

    Entity Status / Enhet Status

    Status During / Under
    Bankrupt / Konkurs No (Nei)
    Voluntary Settlement / Avvikling Frivillig No (Nei)
    Compulsory Liquidation or Compulsory Dissolution / Tvangsavvikling eller Tvangsoppl?sning No (Nei)

    Registration / Registrering

    Registeret / Register Registered / Registrert
    Business Enterprises Register / Foretaksregisteret No (Nei)
    Value Added Tax Register / Merverdiavgiftsregisteret No (Nei)
    Volunteer Register / Frivillighetsregisteret No (Nei)
    NAV Aa-register / NAV Aa-registeret
    Aa-register: Employers and Employees Register / Arbeidsgiver- og arbeidstakerregisteret
    NAV: Norwegian Labour and Welfare Administration / Arbeids- og velferdsforvaltningen (Ny arbeids- og velferdsforvaltning)
    No (Nei)

    Office Location

    Address / Adresse c/o Lillian Knutsen Kippernes Vardevegen 9
    Postal Code / Postnummer 6533
    City / Poststed AVER?Y
    Municipality Number / Kommunenummer 1554
    Municipality Name / Kommunenavn AVER?Y
    Country / Land Norge

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    City / Poststed AVER?Y
    Postal Code / Postnummer 6533

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    Register Information

    Register Name Central Coordinating Register for Legal Entities, Br?nn?ysund Register Centre, Norway (Enhetsregisteret, Br?nn?ysundregistrene, Norge)
    Jurisdiction Norway (Norge)
    Website www.brreg.no
    Entity Count 1140000