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    Register: Corporations Canada

    This dataset contains listing of 0.85m corporations incorporated with Corporations Canada, Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada. Each corporation is registered with the following information: corporation number, corporate name, office address (street address, city, postal code), current status, governing legislation, directors, annual filling dates, etc.

    North York · Search Result

    Corporation Name Office Address Incorporation
    12430738 Canada Inc. 21 Kenewen Crt, North York, ON M4A 1R7 2020-10-20
    12430959 Canada Inc. 28 Elynhill Dr, North York, ON M2R 1C6 2020-10-20
    Blessed Energy of God Church 102 Rusty Crestway, North York, ON M2J 2Y4 2020-10-19
    Mydigitalwaiter Inc. 11 Swansdown Dr, North York, ON M2L 2N2 2020-10-19
    12427915 Canada Inc. 18 Greenbriar Road, Unit 6, North York, ON M2K 0G7 2020-10-19
    12428768 Canada Ltd. 22 Blackhawk Way, North York, ON M2R 3L6 2020-10-19
    12424452 Canada Inc. 39 Drewry Ave, Suite #22, North York, ON M2M 0B4 2020-10-18
    12421429 Canada Inc. 107 Rameau Dr, North York, ON M2H 1V2 2020-10-16
    Anthony Lue Consulting Inc. 1011-2020 Don Mills Rd., North York, ON M3A 3R6 2020-10-16
    Canada Wipes Inc. 302-78 Harrison Garden Blvd, North York, ON M2N 7E2 2020-10-16
    Fellaco Ltd. 803 - 350 Seneca Hill Drive, North York, ON M2J 4S7 2020-10-16
    Lebaneers Inc. 107 - 10 Passy Crescent, North York, ON M3J 3L1 2020-10-16
    N & K Towing Limited 42 Draycott Dr, North York, ON M4A 1P2 2020-10-15
    Ma?sha Oils Inc. 340- 22 Elkhorn Drive, North York, ON M2K 1J4 2020-10-15
    Iz Consulting Services Inc. 411-623 Finch Ave W, North York, ON M2R 3V4 2020-10-15
    Carewell Services Canada Inc. 3550 Victoria Park Ave, Suite 311, North York, ON M2H 2N5 2020-10-15
    Bhaura Logistics Inc. 6 Muir Ave, North York, ON M9L 1H3 2020-10-14
    Ssmadupu Network Consulting Inc. Bsmt-64 Caracas Road, North York, ON M2K 1B1 2020-10-14
    12416603 Canada Inc. 308-123 Parkway Forest Drive, North York, ON M2J 0G1 2020-10-14
    12411504 Canada Inc. 2 Valleyanna Dr, North York, ON M4N 1J8 2020-10-13
    Sign Maple Inc. 1110-1 De Boers Dr, North York, ON M3J 0G6 2020-10-13
    12413116 Canada Inc. 6-130 Lepage Crt, North York, ON M3J 3J1 2020-10-13
    12407493 Canada Inc. 237 Cassandra Blvd Suite 604, North York, ON M3A 1V3 2020-10-12
    12406608 Canada Inc. 1614 - 10 Grenoble Drive, North York, ON M3C 1C7 2020-10-09
    Morning Bright Corp. 1912 - 10 San Romanoway, North York, ON M3N 2Y2 2020-10-09
    12399903 Canada Inc. 25a Hobson Ave, North York, ON M4A 0A4 2020-10-07
    Debtsadhu Inc. 275 Yorkland Road Ap2209, North York, ON M2J 0B4 2020-10-07
    12400308 Canada Inc. 423 Connaught Ave, North York, ON M2R 2M4 2020-10-07
    If Na U Community Foundation 98 Lanyard Rd, North York, ON M9M 1Y9 2020-10-06
    Silver Lining Project Management Group Inc. 8b Clairtrell Road, North York, ON M2N 5J6 2020-10-06
    Trophy Rewards Inc. 935 Sheppard Ave W, Unit 2, North York, ON M3H 2T7 2020-10-06
    Isko Group Co. Inc. 82 John Lindsay Crt, North York, ON M3L 2K1 2020-10-06
    12394405 Canada Inc. 36 Duncanwoods Drive, North York, ON M9L 2C4 2020-10-05
    12395452 Canada Inc. 3000 Dufferin St, #1605, North York, ON M6B 3T6 2020-10-05
    12393093 Canada Inc. 1811-125 Parkway Forest Drive, North York, ON M2J 1L9 2020-10-04
    Shota's Renovation Inc. 344 Patricia Ave, North York, ON M2R 2M7 2020-10-03
    Canadian Hindu Cultural Center 5 Shaughnessy Blvd., North York, ON M2J 1H4 2020-10-02
    12390817 Canada Inc. 138-678g Sheppard Ave East, North York, ON M2K 1B7 2020-10-02
    Tripod Z Supply Ltd. 3 Geraldton Cres., North York, ON M2J 2R5 2020-10-01
    Little Maggie & Co. Inc. 78 Harrison Gardens Blvd, North York, ON M2N 7E2 2020-10-01
    12383756 Canada Inc. 99 The Donway W., North York, ON M3C 0N8 2020-10-01
    Ignite Innovation Hub #2200-4950 Yonge Street, North York, ON M2N 6K1 2020-10-01
    12386925 Canada Inc. 2708-15 Greenview Ave, North York, ON M2M 4M7 2020-10-01
    Wicari Trade and Logistics Services Ltd. 40 Carl Hall Rd, North York, ON M3K 2C1 2020-10-01
    Apc and Bee Removal Inc. 1404 Wilson Ave, North York, ON M3M 1J7 2020-09-30
    12382954 Canada Inc. 11 Chiswick Avenue, North York, ON M6M 4T5 2020-09-30
    12379538 Canada Inc. 209-1710 Victoria Park Ave, North York, ON M1R 1R6 2020-09-29
    12366878 Canada Inc. 2100 Keele St Apartment 410, North York, ON M6M 3Z1 2020-09-28
    Paradia Creative Inc. 75 Blaydon Ave, North York, ON M3M 2E4 2020-09-28
    Mustafa Express Corporation 2009-3300 Don Mills Rd, North York, ON M2J 4X7 2020-09-28
    Ario Company Ltd. 608-6061 Yonge Street, North York, ON M2M 3W4 2020-09-28
    12376695 Canada Inc. 29 Harrington Crescent, North York, ON M2M 2Y6 2020-09-28
    12371944 Canada Inc. 25 Eccleston Drive, Apartment 416, North York, ON M4A 1K5 2020-09-26
    T & T Commercial and Residential Cleaning Inc. 810-60 Clipper Road, North York, ON M2J 4E2 2020-09-25
    Vnock-trans Inc. 1106, 4 Forest Laneway, North York, ON M2N 5X8 2020-09-25
    Pendo Care Services Limited Bowsfield Rd, North York, ON M3J 3R3 2020-09-25
    Some People Inc. 41 Hickorynut Drive, North York, ON M2J 4W6 2020-09-25
    12361078 Canada Inc. 211 Consumer Rd #101, North York, ON M3J 4G8 2020-09-23
    12361574 Canada Inc. 1904- 205 Hilda Ave, North York, ON M2M 4B1 2020-09-23
    12361655 Canada Inc. 57 Covewood Street, North York, ON M2M 2Z2 2020-09-23
    Composite Compass 2278 Weston Road, Suite#307, North York, ON M9N 1Y9 2020-09-23
    Canada Your Second Home 206-4250 Weston Road, North York, ON M9L 1W9 2020-09-23
    Ace Community Health Inc. 60 Byng Avenue, Suite #1506, North York, ON M2N 7K3 2020-09-23
    Pinnacle Global Marketing Inc. 2606-2015 Sheppard Avenue East, North York, ON M2J 1W6 2020-09-23
    Solidmelow Solutions Inc. 03-08 Oakburn Crescent, North York, ON M2N 2T4 2020-09-23
    12365081 Canada Inc. 11 Tremont Cres., North York, ON M3B 2R9 2020-09-23
    12357178 Canada Inc. Cherokee Blvd, North York, ON M2H 2W9 2020-09-21
    12352176 Canada Ltd. 1-106 Tycos Dr, North York, ON M6B 1V9 2020-09-18
    Agyapa Royalties Inc. 12 Betty Nagle Street, North York, ON M9M 0E2 2020-09-18
    12353172 Canada Inc. 920-55 Ellerslie Avenue, North York, ON M2N 1X9 2020-09-18
    12349892 Canada Inc. 15 Pebble Byway Unit 56, North York, ON M2H 3J5 2020-09-17
    Valley Exteriors Construction ? Landscaping and Interlock Inc. 6-157 William Duncan Road, North York, ON M3K 0B9 2020-09-17
    Yellowsweet Inc. 20 Axsmith Crescent, North York, ON M2J 3K3 2020-09-16
    Royal Power Construction Ltd. 17 Chateau Court, North York, ON M3L 1V3 2020-09-16
    12345994 Canada Inc. 2401-10 San Romanoway, North York, ON M3N 2Y2 2020-09-16
    Runegold Ltd. 9 Bogert Avenue, Suite 1807, North York, ON M2N 0H3 2020-09-16
    Brisk Construction Group Inc. Unit 1816, 5418 Yonge Street, North York, ON M2N 5R8 2020-09-16
    Cole's World 1507-44 Valleywoods Road, North York, ON M3A 2R6 2020-09-15
    12342456 Canada Inc. 704-56 Forest Manor Rd, North York, ON M2J 0E5 2020-09-15
    Dream Disciples Inc. 18 Sommerset Way Apt503, North York, ON M2N 6X5 2020-09-15
    12344491 Canada Inc. 14 Carluke Cresent Unit 414, North York, ON M2L 2H8 2020-09-15
    12338289 Canada Inc. 2011-1 Fountenhaed Road, North York, ON M3J 1V6 2020-09-14
    Dong Zhi Inc. 60 Larkfield Dr, North York, ON M3B 2H1 2020-09-14
    Tzs Associates Inc. 801 Grandview Way, North York, ON M2N 6V5 2020-09-14
    Spanish Canadian Business Association 50 Wallingford Rd, North York, ON M3A 2T9 2020-09-14
    12341212 Canada Inc. 682 Wilson Ave, North York, ON M3K 1E1 2020-09-14
    Country of Maple Movers Inc. 53 Talent Crescent, North York, ON M9M 1N5 2020-09-12
    Shamiga Ltd. 45 9 Ardwick Boulevard, North York, ON M9M 1V7 2020-09-11
    12335395 Canada Inc. 1902-150 Graydon Hall Drive, North York, ON M3A 3B3 2020-09-11
    Finial Construction Inc. 48 Endsleigh Crescent, North York, ON M2J 3N6 2020-09-11
    Righttrack Tutoring Inc. 750 York Mills Rd, Apt 1203, North York, ON M3B 1X1 2020-09-11
    All Star Canadian Services Inc. 44 Granlea Road, North York, ON M2N 2Z5 2020-09-10
    The Talkease Inc. 412 Marlee Avenue, North York, ON M6B 3J1 2020-09-10
    Drcurasys Inc. 466 Hounslow Ave, North York, ON M2R 1H8 2020-09-10
    12333198 Canada Inc. 65 Forest Manor Road, Unit 1606, North York, ON M2J 1M5 2020-09-10
    12329620 Canada Inc. 325-19 Singer Court, North York, ON M2K 0B2 2020-09-09
    12323150 Canada Inc. 86 Tuscarora Drive, North York, ON M2H 2K3 2020-09-08
    Fourbrain Corporation 181 Goddard Street, North York, ON M3H 5E4 2020-09-08
    3.19.27(2) - A Global Art Foundation 18 O'meara Court, North York, ON M2J 4Y9 2020-09-08
    Gcms World Inc. 106 Wendell Avenue, North York, ON M9N 3K7 2020-09-08