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    Jurisdiction: Canada
    Register: Corporations Canada

    This dataset contains listing of 0.85m corporations incorporated with Corporations Canada, Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada. Each corporation is registered with the following information: corporation number, corporate name, office address (street address, city, postal code), current status, governing legislation, directors, annual filling dates, etc.

    Calgary · Search Result

    Corporation Name Office Address Incorporation
    12428881 Canada Inc. 1409 Strathcona Dr Sw, Calgary, AB T3H 4M2 2020-10-20
    12429951 Canada Inc. 227 Silverado Plains Close Sw, Calgary, AB T2X 0J2 2020-10-20
    Good News 13 Cranwell Square Southeast, Calgary, AB T3M 0B8 2020-10-20
    Crabeye Corp. 61 Sierra Vista Close Southwest, Calgary, AB T3H 3A3 2020-10-20
    12432994 Canada Inc. 65 Tuscany Estates Terrace Northwest, Calgary, AB T3L 0C4 2020-10-20
    Wealth Avenue Inc. 88 Cornerstone Avenue, Calgary, AB T3N 1B9 2020-10-20
    Rebonn Global Technology Solutions Inc. 117 Saddlecrest Way Northeast, Calgary, AB T3J 5N1 2020-10-19
    Olsen North Holdings Ltd. 52 29 Avenue Southwest, Calgary, AB T2S 2Y3 2020-10-19
    Jakhoorsha International Inc. 2103-175 Panatella Hill Northwest, Calgary, AB T3K 0V9 2020-10-19
    Gearbay Inc. 1902 910 5th Ave Sw, Calgary, AB T2P 0C3 2020-10-18
    Bettermoi 47 Tuscany Valley Rd Nw, Calgary, AB T3L 2C2 2020-10-17
    Hutah Systems Ltd. 388 Silverado Plains Circle Southwest, Calgary, AB T2X 0H4 2020-10-17
    Khan Jee Services Incorporated 3103-1317 27 Street Southeast, Calgary, AB T2A 0G3 2020-10-16
    12417634 Canada Incorporated 137 440-10816 Macleod Trail Southeast, Calgary, AB T2J 5N8 2020-10-15
    Green Building Mfg Corporation 740 Coach Bluff Crescent Sw, Calgary, AB T3H 1A8 2020-10-15
    Jaden-levi Ltd. 22 West Coach Manor Southwest, Calgary, AB T3H 1R7 2020-10-15
    Santoryu Capital Inc. 27 Se, Calgary, AB T2C 1E8 2020-10-15
    Nextera Insights Inc. 585 Woodbine Boulevard Southwest, Calgary, AB T2W 4P5 2020-10-14
    12416514 Canada Inc. 16665 104 St Se, Calgary, AB T3S 0A8 2020-10-14
    Boujee Box Inc. 152 Tuscarora Mews Northwest, Calgary, AB T3L 2H4 2020-10-14
    Becoming Me Designs Inc. 254 Cranford Pk. Se, Calgary, AB T3M 2C4 2020-10-13
    Enrium Corporation 27 Silver Springs Drive Northwest, Unit 33, Calgary, AB T3B 4N3 2020-10-13
    12411016 Canada Corp. 202 Wentworth Park Southwest, Calgary, AB T3H 5B4 2020-10-13
    12411865 Canada Inc. 63 Skyview Springs Rise Northeast, Calgary, AB T3N 0A9 2020-10-13
    12412403 Canada Inc. 311 1000 Citadel Meadow Point Nw, Calgary, AB T3G 5N5 2020-10-13
    3d Lab Tech Inc. 176 Edgebrook Rise Nw, Calgary, AB T3A 5J6 2020-10-12
    International Trade Nexus Inc. 82 Kincora Landing Nw, Calgary, AB T3R 1L1 2020-10-12
    Twist Decision Inc. 1323 81 Legacy Boulevard Southeast, Calgary, AB T2X 2B9 2020-10-11
    Lokley and The Imps Inc. 145 Wentworth Park Southwest, Calgary, AB T3H 5B3 2020-10-10
    Royal Force Security Services Limited Suite 340-600 Crowfoot Crescent, Nw, Calgary, AB T3G 0B4 2020-10-10
    Mountain Sky Biotech Inc. #2104, 1888 Signature Park Sw, Calgary, AB T3H 4Z1 2020-10-10
    Deciduous Corp. 4975 130 Avenue Southeast, Calgary, AB T2Z 4M4 2020-10-10
    Zehra Logistics Corporation 3309-155 Skyview Ranch Way Ne, Calgary, AB T3N 0L3 2020-10-10
    Calgary Health Supplies Corporation 191 Taralake Way Northeast, Calgary, AB T3J 0E5 2020-10-10
    Max More Financial Managing Partner Leaders Asia Pacific Ltd. 246 Coral Sands Terrace Ne, Calgary, AB T3J 3K3 2020-10-09
    12406365 Canada Inc. 500, 438-11th Avenue Se, Calgary, AB T2G 0Y4 2020-10-09
    12406543 Canada Corp. 23 Sunpark Drive Southeast #280, Calgary, AB T2X 3V1 2020-10-09
    The Association of Essential Service Practitioners of Canada 900, 332 6 Avenue Southwest, Calgary, AB T2P 0B2 2020-10-09
    12402637 Canada Inc. 217-7707 Martha's Haven Pk Ne, Calgary, AB T3J 3Z7 2020-10-08
    Savfe Inc. 3717 Douglas Ridge Way Southeast, Calgary, AB T2Z 3B7 2020-10-08
    Gabs Ganga Corp. 4135 University Ave, Calgary, AB T3B 6K3 2020-10-08
    All Trucking Solutions Inc. 33 Cityside Gdns Ne, Calgary, AB T3N 1J2 2020-10-08
    Cleaning Calgary Ltd. 244 Prestwick Point Se, Calgary, AB T2Z 4Y8 2020-10-08
    Country Service Contacting Inc. 1115-175 Silverado Blvd Sw, Calgary, AB T2X 0V5 2020-10-08
    3dphc - 3d Printed Homes Corporation 152 Pinemill Road Ne, Calgary, AB T1Y 2C9 2020-10-07
    Lifespark Homes Inc. 225 Hamptons Square Northwest, Calgary, AB T3A 5K9 2020-10-07
    Rv Food Enterprise Limited 20 Auburn Bay Street Southeast, Unit 327, Calgary, AB T3M 2M4 2020-10-07
    Mr. Pollo Inc. 123 Country Hills Court Northwest, Calgary, AB T3K 3Y9 2020-10-07
    Corxen International Ltd. #3, 1725 30 Avenue Northeast, Calgary, AB T2E 7P6 2020-10-07
    Hire A War Hero Ltd. 4308 Verdun Place Northwest, Calgary, AB T3A 0N6 2020-10-06
    Gonzalez Psychological Services Inc. 3111 755 Copperpond Boulevard Southeast, Calgary, AB T2Z 4R2 2020-10-06
    Plate & Fork Tablescapes Ltd. 33 Hampstead Terrace Northwest, Calgary, AB T3A 5Y5 2020-10-06
    Private Tier Technology Inc. 171b Bermuda Drive Northwest, Calgary, AB T3K 1H6 2020-10-06
    Exploration Staffing Solutions Ltd. 4072 New Brighton Grove Southeast, Calgary, AB T2Z 1G4 2020-10-06
    3693 Pizza Ltd. 25 Martin Crossing Link Ne, Calgary, AB T3J 3V2 2020-10-06
    Cosmo Engine Corp. 64 Aberdare Way Northeast, Calgary, AB T2A 6V5 2020-10-06
    Indigenous Resource Network 855 2 St. Sw, #3500, Calgary, AB T2P 4K1 2020-10-05
    12395304 Canada Inc. 167 Royal Birkdale Crescent Northwest, Calgary, AB T3G 5R7 2020-10-05
    12395975 Canada Inc. 35 Legacy Glen Manor Se, Calgary, AB T2X 4E4 2020-10-05
    Rqr Freight & Hauling Services Ltd. 7 - 1728 38 Street Southeast, Calgary, AB T2A 1H1 2020-10-04
    Looking Glass Futures Ltd. 202 14 Avenue Sw, Unit 2206, Calgary, AB T2R 1C9 2020-10-04
    12391082 Canada Inc. 1423 26a St Sw, Calgary, AB T3C 1K9 2020-10-03
    12391422 Canada Inc. 200 Auburn Meadows Common Southeast, Calgary, AB T3M 2X7 2020-10-03
    Vital Response Training Inc. 69 Silverado Drive Southwest, Calgary, AB T2X 0C4 2020-10-03
    Clean Energy, Holdings Inc. 36 Spring Valley Way Southwest, Calgary, AB T3H 5M1 2020-10-03
    12388651 Canada Limited 361 Panton Wy Nw, Calgary, AB T3K 0X5 2020-10-02
    Frank Websites Inc. 291 Bracewood Road Southwest, Calgary, AB T2W 3C2 2020-10-02
    Mu102 Inc. 144 Sandstone Drive Northwest, Calgary, AB T3K 3A5 2020-10-02
    Red Beaver Enterprises Ltd. 4727 19 Avenue Northwest, Calgary, AB T3B 0S5 2020-10-02
    Slow Down Health Inc. 107 15304 Bannister Rd. Se, Calgary, AB T2X 0M8 2020-10-01
    M-d Condo Visitors Ltd. 3121- 16969 24th Street Sw Calgary, Calgary, AB T2Y 0L2 2020-10-01
    Ucall Perfect Office and House Cleaning Services Inc. 24 Redstone Link Northeast, Calgary, AB T3N 0T9 2020-10-01
    12380391 Canada Inc. 111 25 Avenue Sw, Suite 403, Calgary, AB T2S 3G4 2020-10-01
    Quibbit Inc. 20 Sunlake Gardens Se, Calgary, AB T2X 3G4 2020-10-01
    Wi-technology Inc. 209 Evansridge Park Nw, Calgary, AB T3P 0N7 2020-10-01
    Lead Calgary 325 3 Street Southeast, Apt. 903, Calgary, AB T2G 0T9 2020-10-01
    Peak'd Threads Inc. 250195 Range Road 32, Calgary, AB T3Z 1L6 2020-10-01
    Zwart Shirts Corp. 287 Carrington Circle Nw, Calgary, AB T3P 0Y6 2020-10-01
    Edelweiss Aviation Ltd. 4624 21 Avenue Northwest, Calgary, AB T3B 0W6 2020-10-01
    Starlight Boudoir Ltd. 1448 17 Avenue Southwest, Calgary, AB T2T 0C8 2020-09-30
    12382008 Canada Inc. 1015 - 4 Street Sw, Suite 1200, Calgary, AB T2R 1J4 2020-09-30
    Alisrad Technologies Inc. 311 Copperfield Hts Se, Calgary, AB T2Z 4R3 2020-09-30
    Maverick Party Suite 405, 1500 14th Street Sw, Calgary, AB T3C 1C9 2020-09-29
    Cinetrax Productions Inc. 6 Taralake Cape Northeast, Calgary, AB T3J 0J1 2020-09-29
    Bedrock Atomic Ltd. 208 Woodbrook Mews Southwest, Calgary, AB T2W 4P8 2020-09-29
    Thefedepot Inc. 22 Mckenzie Lake Green Southeast, Calgary, AB T2Z 1Y4 2020-09-28
    Sorora Group Inc. 300 - 259 Midpark Way Se, Calgary, AB T2X 1M2 2020-09-28
    Aere Management Consulting Inc. 316 - 22 Avenue Sw, Unit 15, Calgary, AB T2S 0H4 2020-09-28
    12376814 Canada Inc. 1439 Child Avenue North East, Calgary, AB T2E 5E3 2020-09-28
    Smart Balances Bookkeeping Inc. 5644 Dalhousie Drive Nw, Calgary, AB T3A 1P9 2020-09-27
    12373785 Canada Foundation 916 Canford Crescent Southwest, Calgary, AB T2W 1L2 2020-09-27
    Bridging The Gap Interdenominational Fellowship 48 Panorama Hills Heath Nw, Calgary, AB T3K 5N5 2020-09-26
    Belle Esthetics Spa & Academy Inc. 60 Panamount Avenue Northwest, Calgary, AB T3K 0S8 2020-09-26
    Deiphorizon Inc. 51 Bermuda Lane Northwest, Calgary, AB T3K 2K1 2020-09-26
    Gurudwara Guru Harkrishan Sahib Ji 224 Cornergate Row Ne, Calgary, AB T3N 1L7 2020-09-26
    Ghost Data Technologies Inc. 87 Midland Crescent Southeast, Calgary, AB T2X 1N8 2020-09-25
    Africalendar Publications Company Inc. 235 16 Midlake Boulevard Southeast, Calgary, AB T2X 2X7 2020-09-25
    Engaged Management Consulting Ltd. 291 Harvest Oak Rise Northeast, Calgary, AB T3K 4V1 2020-09-25
    Megaliving Ventures Inc. 243053 Morgans Road, Calgary, AB T3Z 0A6 2020-09-25
    Michaelann1985 Inc. 696 Harvest Hill Dr N.e., Calgary, AB T3K 4N6 2020-09-25